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Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerThis makes perogies the size that my baba used to make them.

Cuisinox Parmesan & Sugar Bowl with SpoonWe think it\'s great, we used for cristal salt and it has a nice size. Would buy it again.

ToothpicksToothpicks are toothpikcs nice to use for pickles and everything else when you have parties. They are good to keep peoples fingers out of the food.

Oxo Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish ScrubThese brushes are good for doing dishes. Would buy it again

Oxo Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish BrushGood for doing dishes, would buy again

Oxo Set of 2 Soap Dispensing Dish Scrub RefillsYou need refills to keep good clean environmet

Oxo Good Grips Julienne PeelerThis is a great little gadget for making matchstick size veggies. It works really well with things like carrots. There's a flat blade that slices and little tips that separate the slice into the thin pieces.

Brix Jarkey Jar Opener - The Original JarkeyWhen I first saw the Jar Key I was skeptical that it could work as claimed, but to my pleasant surprise it did! I have given them as gifts, and without fail everyone who received one loves the Jar Key.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerJust wanted to tell you how wonderful the large perogie maker is. Now making them is not a chore and takes a lot less time when only one person is making them!

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerJust received and tried my new pierogi maker. Very impressed!! Even my 89 year old Polish mother who still makes the best pierogi was impressed. Need I say more!

Swissmar Borner Red V Power V-Slicer Mandoline SlicerI initially bought this mandoline to slice sweet potatoes/yams paper thin, then season and dehydrate them to make chips. They're in the dehydrator now. I am so impressed with how thin it sliced and it took hardly any time to do it. I know that I will be making many other very good uses of this mandoline in my kitchen. Very glad I bought it!

Hunky Bill's Little Perogie / Pierogi MakerI bought a Perogy Pogy 30 years ago in Montreal. I've been using the same ever since and I adore it. I'm now dating a Polish man whose mother prepares all her perogies by hand, each one of them. I'm so happy to see Perogy Pogies are still being made. She'll get one for little Christmas this year. Yay!!! Jo

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerI remember when I was little, visiting my Grandma (Babchi), in Pennsylvania, where she lived. My cousins and I would beg her to make Perogies. We loved the Potato and Cheese ones the best.....but she also made fruit ones. The ones that stick out in my mind were Huckelberry ones. She would send my cousins and I down the street to where the bushes were... and there we stood for hours picking Huckelberries and putting them in our pails. Of course we had more in us than were in our pails.....but WHAT MEMORIES ! ! !......I am ordering the Perogi Makes because making them one at a time is so time consuming. I am sure the process will go alot faster now...I enjoy reading all the different comments on here. I have learned alot..

Hunky Bill's Little Perogie / Pierogi MakerOne of the greatest inventions. A real time saver. We are on our second one already.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerOh my gosh! I have been looking all over for this! My sister Sherry got me one of these over 20 years ago and with it I have made thousands. This press is such a time saver, on one weekend I made 345 pierogies BY MYSELF for gifts during the holiday season. Roll all the filling up into balls at one time and set on cookie sheet in fridge. Also use a spray bottle of water to lightly mist lower dough sheet before rolling upper layer onto press...will stick beautifully. Use your rolling pin to roll upper sheet of dough to work the air out. I thought they quit making these until my cousin Maria turned me onto this site. God bless you all.

Fox Run Ribbed Tart PanGreat quality item. Thick pan, nice ribbing, beautiful coating. I would highly recommend this pan.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerGreat item. Not flimsy at all. Should last a lifetime. I love the larger size. I bought both - the large and the small - and I will use the larger one for perogies and the smaller one for won tons. Fabulous!!!


Brix Jarkey Jar Opener - The Original JarkeyI purchased a market a few years ago and loved it. I gave it to someone who needed it more than me, thinking it would be easy to replace. I was wrong. I have checked every kitchen store I came across and no one knew what it was. I am very happy to find it here.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerWhat a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I made my pierogi yesterday in half the time. They are so even, so professional looking. I just ordered one for my daughter -- now there's a good testimonial.

Danesco 1lbs Double Walled Stainless Steel Butter BoxI'm really pleased with my purchase. It looks and feels very substantial. I love the brushed stainless steel finish, it compliments my other stainless steel table accessories beautifully. I used it for the first time tonight and the double walled feature passed with flying colors! The butter box had been refrigerated for most of the day (and it does hold a 500 gram block of butter). I brought to the dinner table tonight where it sat on the table for about an hour in a heated dining room (it's winter here in Australia). The butter maintained it's spreadable consistency without any change during that time; the exterior of the box was still cool to the touch after an hour. Great product, thank you Kitchen Niche!

Metropolitan Tea Company Canadian Ice Wine Tea 50 Tea BagsI love this tea and am so glad Kitchen Niche carries it. I try to buy a big box or two at the coffee shop in the mall but they are seasonal so don't always have stock. The Inukshuk blueberry icewine is good too. I have been without for a few months so am looking forward to this shipment :)

Swissmar Snappy Seal Bag ClipI have purchased quite a few of these clips and think they are excellent. Because of the magnet on them I can stick them on my fridge and they are always handy, no looking in drawers for them. They are easy to use and have a good grip on the bag.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerThis is absolutely hands down one of the best items made for Perogies. I've made them by hand my entire life and I can say that this cuts the time in half to make them. I love the dough recipe on the back of the package too. Its so much nicer to work with than mine that contains eggs. The maker also works well for small fry pies too. I just ordered another one for my Dad. Originally he fought against the idea of using this instead of the traditional way of filling by hand. After seeing how well this works, he now wants one too. It's a good product.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerThis item is the greatest. Time saver for sure. Now I have our grown kids interested in making them with this pierogi maker and I don\'t have to make as many now for the family. They will be able to make them anytime and not have to wait for when I make them. Fantastic.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerI purchased this in April of 2013 and just now got around to using it. LOVE IT SO MUCH that I will make pierogi's more than once a year now since this makes the job so so much easier. I haven't tried the dough recipe that came on the package but after reading reviews I will try it. I am going to order 1 for my daughter.

Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn PopperA great way to make healthy "air popped" popcorn in your microwave. I'm not sure why the description says the cover can be used as a bowl. The bowl can be used as a bowl but it's really hot when it comes out of the microwave. The cover is basically flat with some indentation if you want to use it to melt butter at the same time. It does not become a bowl.

Metropolitan Tea Company Canadian Ice Wine TeaHi Sandra, just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with Kitchen Niche. I ordered 12 boxes of Canadian Ice Wine Tea. The website is very easy to navigate. The order was rapidly processed and shipped out. I received the order within 3 days in perfect condition. Thank you!

Fox Run 8" Stainless Steel Flat Coil Magic WhiskI bought one of these in England and have been searching for one here ever since. The handle is light so that when resting it on the side of a bowl it doesn't tip the bowl. Whisks salad dressings in seconds. Just great.

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi MakerAmazing how one piece of plastic can turn days of work into just hours! Had a bit of difficulty learning the technique of getting the dough to cover properly, but once that was perfected,[a little practice], I was cranking out 18 perogies per half hour. My mom's Polish friends can't believe my results.

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