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Hunky Bill\'s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker 1Hunky Bill\'s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker 2Hunky Bill\'s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker 3Hunky Bill\'s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker 4Hunky Bill\'s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker 5Hunky Bill\'s Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker 6
This easy to use perogie / pierogi maker from Hunky Bill's makes 18 perogies with a size of 3.2" (a little bit bigger than the perogies you would find in grocery stores). The perogie maker cuts, seals, and forms your perogies. Use your favorite perogie recipes and make hundreds of delicious pierogies at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay in the stores. This perogie maker, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, is approved by experts and used by professionals. The Hunky Bills big perogie maker is proudly made in Canada. For smaller perogies, please see our little perogie maker at the below.

Great item. Not flimsy at all. Should last a lifetime. I love the larger size. I bought both - the large and the small - and I will use the larger one for perogies and the smaller one for won tons. Fabulous!!!

Rated by Lee Ashley Wong

I bought a Hunky Bill's perogie maker 40 years ago and it still works beautifully!

Rated by Patti Shenfield

It used to take me a full day to make 200 pyrohy and with this maker I can make 4-500 in that time. Yes I know... my family eats a LOT of these. So glad that I bought this!

Rated by Lauren Kowalchuk

I used to own one I bought it in Calgary in 1980's loved it and used it also for mini fruit turnovers . But lost it in a fire 7 years ago.

Rated by karen sepentgis

Met and chatted with Hunky Bill many years ago in Edmonton. I live in Thunder Bay. I have been using my perogie maker for some 20 years! It is Great!

Rated by Roman MUZYKA

Awesome.... is how I describe this Perogie Maker. I love cooking and making my own noodles as and such. I never made perogies but wanted a new adventure. This is so easy to do. I fortunately have a Kitchen Aid with the noodle maker so rolling out the dough is easy and fast. All four of the grandchildren have been involved in making these. The younger ones roll out the dough and the older ones use the perogie maker to cut out the perogies. It is so easy and fun for all of us. I now make perogies weekly as they are always in family demand. I definitely recommend this product.

Rated by Sue Cerny

Now here is a lifesaver! If you want to make pierogi, if you have ever made pierogi, this is a kitchen MUST HAVE. It saves hours of preparation. Making pierogi used to be an all-day event. Now it's do-able in just a couple of hours. Still sounds long, eh? But the time is with preparing the stuffing and just making the dough. The stuffing part and assembly is now made incredibly easy with this handy gadget. I wouldn't be without it! And I ordered it mid-week, and I got it that weekend. The Saturday before Easter, which is when pierogi are a Polish tradition. I am not only happy but thankful. Perfect!

Rated by Dennis Perzanowski

Amazing how one piece of plastic can turn days of work into just hours! My mom's Polish friends are astonished at my results. 18 perogies per half hour!

Rated by Gary Thomas

Amazing how one piece of plastic can turn days of work into just hours! Had a bit of difficulty learning the technique of getting the dough to cover properly, but once that was perfected,[a little practice], I was cranking out 18 perogies per half hour. My mom's Polish friends can't believe my results.

Rated by Gary Thomas

I purchased this in April of 2013 and just now got around to using it. LOVE IT SO MUCH that I will make pierogi's more than once a year now since this makes the job so so much easier. I haven't tried the dough recipe that came on the package but after reading reviews I will try it. I am going to order 1 for my daughter.

Rated by barbara miller

This item is the greatest. Time saver for sure. Now I have our grown kids interested in making them with this pierogi maker and I don\'t have to make as many now for the family. They will be able to make them anytime and not have to wait for when I make them. Fantastic.

Rated by janice graczyk

This is absolutely hands down one of the best items made for Perogies. I've made them by hand my entire life and I can say that this cuts the time in half to make them. I love the dough recipe on the back of the package too. Its so much nicer to work with than mine that contains eggs. The maker also works well for small fry pies too. I just ordered another one for my Dad. Originally he fought against the idea of using this instead of the traditional way of filling by hand. After seeing how well this works, he now wants one too. It's a good product.

Rated by Ann Mote

What a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I made my pierogi yesterday in half the time. They are so even, so professional looking. I just ordered one for my daughter -- now there's a good testimonial.

Rated by Joan Peculski

Been making perogie by hand for 30+ years. Each batch was a half day affair with the cutting and sealing using the most time and labor. this simple piece of equipment cut that by one third. As soon as I am done writing this review I will purchase another for my little sister. Ihor Antoniak

Rated by ihor antoniak

Oh my gosh! I have been looking all over for this! My sister Sherry got me one of these over 20 years ago and with it I have made thousands. This press is such a time saver, on one weekend I made 345 pierogies BY MYSELF for gifts during the holiday season. Roll all the filling up into balls at one time and set on cookie sheet in fridge. Also use a spray bottle of water to lightly mist lower dough sheet before rolling upper layer onto press...will stick beautifully. Use your rolling pin to roll upper sheet of dough to work the air out. I thought they quit making these until my cousin Maria turned me onto this site. God bless you all.

Rated by Steve L

I remember when I was little, visiting my Grandma (Babchi), in Pennsylvania, where she lived. My cousins and I would beg her to make Perogies. We loved the Potato and Cheese ones the best.....but she also made fruit ones. The ones that stick out in my mind were Huckelberry ones. She would send my cousins and I down the street to where the bushes were... and there we stood for hours picking Huckelberries and putting them in our pails. Of course we had more in us than were in our pails.....but WHAT MEMORIES ! ! !......I am ordering the Perogi Makes because making them one at a time is so time consuming. I am sure the process will go alot faster now...I enjoy reading all the different comments on here. I have learned alot..

Rated by Barbara Erdman

Just received and tried my new pierogi maker. Very impressed!! Even my 89 year old Polish mother who still makes the best pierogi was impressed. Need I say more!

Rated by Mary Prawecki

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful the large perogie maker is. Now making them is not a chore and takes a lot less time when only one person is making them!

Rated by Sue, Ontario

This makes perogies the size that my baba used to make them.

Rated by Sheldon Cust

The perogie maker is awesome! Makes beautiful large perogies. Makes my job much easier.

Rated by Marlene Reimer

The Perogie Maker works incredibly well!!! ? our church is now going to buy 5 MORE!! Great product.

Rated by C.V. Chambers Monkowski

Have begun using my pierogie maker. Great time saver. Doesn't take much getting used to. Size is ideal. (Now if I could find a dough maker in a 12" width.) 4.5 stars.

Rated by Joseph Demko

Absolutely awesome! My mom and I made over 100 pierogi's with this. Also, my mom prefers the dough recipe that came with the maker. She has been using a recipe that the former Pope's cook used. This dough is so much easier. The maker really works well and quickly.

Rated by Kim Hess

Very easy to use and the perogies taste awesome.

Rated by Sherri Haas

awesome product, not living in canada anymore, cant find perogies commericially made, after spending 8 hours making perogies , (someone boiled 10 lbs of potatoes, by accident) i(there were 3 of us attempting this, i swear the pototates never went down), this is way faster and way more fun, would recommend it to anyone, love it so much infact that im ordering 3 more, to give to my helpers and the one who boiled all those potatoes( he conveniently disappeared, once we started to make them) lol

Rated by marla arndt

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