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Healthy Measures Salad Dressing Measuring Cup

This easy to use salad dressing measuring cup will limit your caloric intake by preventing over of your salad dressings. The measuring cup attaches to most store bought dressing and condiment bottles and helps you establish a habit of using a proper amount of dressing (1 serving). The salad dressing measuring cup is made from 100% BPA free silicone and is FDA approved.…

Herb Mill

This easy-to-use herb mill allows you to mince fresh herbs, making sure they release their full aroma and flavor. Simply put your favorite herbs into the mill, press down on the bin cover, and crank the handle. The herb mill features sturdy stainless steel blades.…

Hi-Look Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Windows

Size: 12" x 16" Finer Than Human Hair
1 oz. of Hi-look ultra-fine Microfiber is more than 120 miles long. Effective When Dry
It picks up and holds dust and dirt particles using static electricity. Use Without Chemicals
When wet, its capillary action absorbs grease and oil stains without using detergents. Cleans Where Others Can't
Hi-Look ultra-fine Microfiber reaches into crevices to clean. Other fibers simply ride over the dirt in the crevices. No Streaks
The super-absorbant Hi-Look Microfiber cleaning cloth absorbs water up to 7 times its own weight and leaves no streaks on surfaces…

Holiday Wine Charms Set of 6

These gorgeous wine charms with holiday theme come in a set of 6. The wine charms are nickel plated and come in a gift box.…

Hunky Bill's Big Perogie / Pierogi Maker

This easy to use perogie / pierogi maker from Hunky Bill's makes 18 perogies with a size of 3.2" (a little bit bigger than the perogies you would find in grocery stores). The perogie maker cuts, seals, and forms your perogies. Use your favorite perogie recipes and make hundreds of delicious pierogies at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay in the stores. This perogie maker, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, is approved by experts and used by professionals. The Hunky Bills big perogie maker is proudly made in Canada. For smaller perogies, please see our little perogie maker at the below.…

Hunky Bill's Little Perogie / Pierogi Maker

The Hunky Bill's little pierogi / perogie maker is the ideal tool for making perogies, raviolis and other pasta dishes. With most other pierogi makers you can only make 3 or 6 pierogis at once. With this great tool you are able to make 24 little perogies at once! Simply place the perogie maker onto flattened dough and fill in the fillings. Then, place another layer of dough onto the perogie maker. Using a rolling pin, flatten the dough previously placed on the perogie board. The little perogies will fall out and are ready to cook. The Hunky Bill's little perogie maker is proudly made in Canada and makes bite-size pierogis (1.8 inches / 4.5cm). For larger perogies, please see our big perogie maker at the below.…

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